26 October 2015


Things have been quiet on the home front. Ladybug has been doing very well! The last few months have defiantly shown us how much chemotherapy affected her. Six months ago her blood counts were low, she had burst of energy but mainly she was a movie watching freak- while she still loves her movies she also loves playing outside, riding her bike, and just racing around with her friends. Shes a dancing and singing fool- there are days we wish for a few seconds of peace and quiet and then we remember what that quiet feels like. Ill take all her crazy toddler moments over another year of chemo any day! We are so proud of her- it makes me a little emotional thinking just how far she has come. She is thriving at school, learning lots of new moves in dance class, making all sorts of new friends in tumbling class. Shes really soaking in every second of her toddler days. Shes going to be graduating high school before I know it!

Time has flown by and before we know it weve approached ladybugs six month post chemo scans and Im not going to lie were having a lot of scanxiety around here. Every three months we have a series of appointments, tests that will tell us how those darn tumors are doing. Every three months we hold our breath and pray we hear good news, and pray, and pray, and pray some more. Wednesday we start those series of tests--- We will meet with Dr. Hoffman for some eye tests and will then proceed with an mri after the holidays. Cross your fingers and pray for good news!