26 March 2014

HELP- Photographer Needed!

The Children’s Tumor Foundation is in need of a photographer for the 2014 NF Walk. As I have mentioned before the NF Walk will be on Saturday, August 23rd at 8am at Sugarhouse Park. You will need to volunteer your time (about 5-6 hours) the day of the race as well as be willing to release all of the images to the Children’s Tumor Foundation for future use on their website and promotional materials. The Children’s Tumor Foundation will mention you on their website in all photos that are used and will provide a link to your website.

This would be an amazing opportunity that will help you build your portfolio while also helping bring awareness to NF and you will love having the opportunity to meet with other NF families.

If you are interested in participating in this year’s event please contact Brandie for more information at ladybuggang.nf@gmail.com. 

25 March 2014

Weekend Update

Ladybug has been pretty under the weather lately. The entire family has been fighting a never ending cold for a few weeks now. On Friday the poor girl just went from bad to worse... After a late work night we got home, had a quick bite to eat and suddenly Rylie become very upset. If she could have pulled her skin off she would have. I took her in to get her ready for bed and noticed a HUGE rash spanning the entire portion of her torso.

We immediately jumped in the car and headed to instacare, They were just about to close so they checked her breathing and told us she was probably having a reaction to a food or possibly something new in her environment. We tried an oatmeal bath and it seemed to take care of some of the problem but she was miserable and restless all night. Around 2am she finally drifted off to sleep and when we woke up the next morning the rash was all gone... Oh but it was short lived... within about 2 hours welts started to appear all over her body and then they would turn into a huge rash. The rash came and went all day and again Saturday night we took her back to instacare. This time the doctor looked her over and determined Rylie had hives (insert sad face here).

The doctor explained to us that most kids get hives at least once in their lifetime while trying to fight off a cold. She gave us some Benadryl dosing instructions and sent us on our way. The Benadryl worked like a charm! Rylie slept better the last few nights than she has in months and the best part... the hives are all gone!!! Double celebration!! She was down for a few days but she is looking good as new and is back to playing with Duke and running around the house like crazy.